About Caswell

Caswell Maintenance Services Limited is a Construction and Maintenance Service Business, operating as a Multi functional, fast reacting business in a competitive market. We have delivered a constant level of high quality work within the last 28 years of experience and have worked for many major market leaders within the UK.

Caswell Maintenance Services Limited, established in 1960 has been a thriving part of the community in the Buckinghamshire area for more than 50 years. Initially in housing construction, we have evolved into a multi-skilled construction Company, specializing in carrying out project work and maintenance for supermarkets and others in the retail industry, housing trusts and local authority’s throughout the UK.

Employing in excess of 40 staff, with 20-25 well stocked and maintained vehicles, we are growing to meet the needs of our business. By combining in-house talent and specialist contractor’s skills, from passed successful projects, we are able to maintain the highest level of expertise and exceed customer expectation.

Our focus is to achieve the highest quality installations within the time allocated. We are constantly striving to achieve value to the customer through intelligence and expertise. With good communication and a ‘can do’ attitude we can adapt to any scenario, ensuring total satisfaction.

Experience brings knowledge; we therefore offer realistic estimates ensuring good value to our clients.

If you wish to know more about our services or would like to arrange a meeting to discuss how we can help you in more detail please contact us.